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Welcome to, the home of advanced refrigeration control for all refrigeration that uses the Danfoss BD35, BD50 and BD80 compressors.

CoolSaver controllers add convenience, improve food quality and best of all make use of excess energy whenever available.

Many CoolSaver fans think of them as extra battery capacity at no cost.

Others love the convenience of running a refrigerator 24x7 even when on a mooring. The convenience of not having to repeatedly stock and empty the refrigerator at every visit and not dragging ice is truly liberating and life changing.

Please enjoy this site, and leave us comments on the Contact Page. Ideas, criticism and questions are welcomed.

We truly believe that  CoolSaver products are a way of reducing our carbon footprints, saving energy and reducing the amount of batteries manufactured while improving lifestyle whether cruising on a boat or RV.

NEW - Unique Space Temperature Feature added.

Thanks to valuable feedback from Gary in Australia, we have added the ability to control temperature using one thermistor probe and display temperature using a second thermistor. This eliminates the confusion when controlling using evaporator temperature and assuming that the food in the refrigerator is at that temperature. This is especially true with holding plate systems!

This new feature allows the user to choose which probe is continuously displayed!


New - CoolSaver Manual and CoolSaver Digital Thermostat now available

Thanks to valuable feedback we have added 2 more CoolSaver products.

CoolSaver Manual, for those who want manual compressor speed control  and temperature set point switching.

CoolSaver Digital Thermostat, for those who want a cost effective digital thermostat without compressor speed control, or want a digital thermostat that is not limited to Danfoss compressor systems.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 November 2010 20:03